KilliecrAnkie1689 campaign has been on the STV Six O'Clock news (Friday 12 Jan) and in several newspapers.
The link to the STV news expired at midnight on Saturday, but you can download PDFs of our news coverage from the links below.

The Scotsman, Tuesday 14 February
The Times, Tuesday 24 Jan
The Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia) Saturday 20 Jan
The Times, Monday 15 Jan
The Times, Saturday 13 Jan
The Daily Record, Friday 12 Jan
The National, Friday 12 Jan
The Courier, Friday 12 Jan
Perthshire Advertiser Page 1, Page 3 Friday 12 Jan

SoundFile-CBC-PEI Canadian radio news item
Radio Scotland Drive Time interview Friday, 9 February

Murdo Fraser MSP

Murdo Fraser MSP

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