The 8-week countdown for objections started on 28 November 2017. Anyone who wishes to express an opinion or make an objection has to do so, in writing, by 23 January 2018. These should be addressed to:

The Environmental Statement and draft Road Orders can be viewed online at:

Note that not all objectors are equal. First come Statutory Objectors. These are organisations with statutory status such as the consultees who have been involved or consulted during the planning of the project. Those include groups such as Perth & Kinross Council, Scottish Natural Heritage, Cairngorms National Park and Historic Environment Scotland.

It also includes landowners and householders who are directly impacted by the scheme and have received a Compulsory Purchase Order or a change of access.

Then there are Non-Statutory Objectors. This can include any person or group, living anywhere, not just in the Killiecrankie area, who wish to object.

There is a third group who may not have Statutory Objector status at the start but become a “relevant person” in the process if the objection is considered appropriate. Their status could then change. It may be possible for
KilliecrAnkie1689 to be treated in this way.

While there is no specific format required for an objection, it must state the title of the relevant draft Road Order, the objector’s name and address and the grounds of objection. It must be made in writing and sent by post or email. It is also possible for interested parties to make representations on the content of the Environmental Statement (ES) accompanying the final plan for the A9 road. KilliecrAnkie1689 contends that the ES does not adequately address the damage caused by the project on the battle site and therefore KilliecrAnkie1689 urges interested parties to make such a representation to the Scottish Ministers.

The Scottish Ministers are obliged to consider all written objections received from Statutory Objectors. The Scottish Ministers can only disregard an objection if it relates solely to matters of compensation. The Scottish Ministers, through their technical specialists, will contact these objectors with a view to resolving their objections if possible. If they are resolved, the objections need to be withdrawn in writing. If they are not resolved it is normal for those objections to be considered at a Public Local Inquiry (PLI), arranged by the Scottish Ministers.

Objections from a Non-Statutory Objector do not have the same force and may not automatically trigger a Public Local Inquiry. However, if an inquiry were triggered, a Non Statutory Objector would be invited to attend and state their case. Non-statutory objections are therefore still worthwhile and
KilliecrAnkie1689 urges anyone who is concerned about the desecration of the Killiecrankie battlefield, an important historical asset, to lodge an objection to the draft Road Orders and express an opinion on the Environmental Statement.

Please proceed to ‘join forces’ page for further information and a template for such an objection / representation.
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